Sustainable living means a successful life.


Finterra Global Plantations is all about helping humans and the environment. Using the concept of Islamic Social Finance, and incorporating the UN SDGs, Finterra Global plantation provides a platform for impact investments, blended finance and alternative financing. Through the practice of good governance and strong business policies which are in-line with Sharia’ah principles, Finterra has developed various service offerings that can benefit both customers, stakeholders, and the society at large.


The idea is to promote benefits derived through afforestation using environmentally sustainable practices of carefully planting forests on viable private and waqf lands, which in turn reduces the need for clear-cutting of virgin forests. In this way, cutting that does occur is balanced by the planting of enough young Finterra Paulownia trees to replace the older ones felled in any given forest. As the Finterra Paulownia tree is the fastest growing, it can be quickly harvested, and replanted. Furthermore, the Finterra Paulownia tree offers dual gains of yielding timber solutions while providing carbon sequestration.


The vision of Finterra Global Plantations is:

  • To promote Islamic social finance and a halal economy through shariah compliant products and service offerings
  • To develop competitive and responsibly managed resources that meet both industry and regulatory standards.
  • To deliver quality and sustainable products, which are environmentally friendly and beneficial to all while expanding on our customer base domestically and internationally.
  • To improve overall profit performance and returns to customers and stakeholders while helping the community.
  • To adopt an approach based on collaboration, transparency, trust and open communication with all customers, stakeholders and agencies.


To lead the world in offering sustainable green financial solutions which are Shari’ah complaint, beneficial to the society and which are fully committed to promoting Sustainable Forest Management (SFM).