Finterra Paulownia

What We Do

What we do

Finterra Global Plantations (FGP) is all about helping humans and the environment. Using principles of Islamic Social Finance, we provide a platform for safe financial investment opportunities with consistent returns achieved via sustainable afforestation and ethical harvesting practices of the Finterra Paulownia tree, the world’s fastest growing tree.

Our alternative investment opportunies are Shariah compliant, pursuant to Companies Act 2016 under the preview of Company Commission of Malaysia and support Islamic social economic projects. We are currently raising funds through the issuance of Redeemable Preference Shares.

What We Offer

Higher Yield
Higher Yields

Our investment opportunities offer a higher yield compared to ordinary fixed deposits

Consistent Returns
Consistent Returns

Our long-term investment opportunities generate consistent quarterly annual returns

Guaranteed Capital Preservation
Guaranteed Capital Payback

Our offering guarantees investors capital returned upon maturity of the project

How It Works

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